From left: Founder and Creative Director of Davaar & Co, Kate Macdonald, Kate's mother Fiona Macdonald and father James Macdonald, owners of Davaar Station, Te Anau, New Zealand.  

Like all great ideas, Davaar & Co. began in February 2020 during the New Zealand COVID-19 lockdown over a cuppa with my Dad,” says Kate Mcdonald, founder and fifth generation farmer of Davaar Station in Te Anau, New Zealand. We were talking about wool and what we could do to add value to the wool clip, as well as show off the natural beauty and versatility of a product with decades of history in New Zealand.

We loved the idea of getting wool jerseys made because we’d both grown up wearing homespun jumpers. We were lucky enough that Dad’s mother was an exceptional knitter.”

Kate and her father also realised that they’d never seen crossbred or strong wool jerseys available to buy, so they thought that they could make some using their crossbred wool from Davaar Station.

For Kate and her family, starting a business in the midst of a global pandemic highlighted the importance of supporting local and creating New Zealand-made products. Kate was able to find incredible New Zealand-owned and operated companies that were able to do the jobs she needed and enabled her to get the station’s raw wool material manufactured into beautiful woolen jerseys entirely onshore in New Zealand.

“Our wool clothing is designed, grown, spun and knitted right here in New Zealand and all our pieces are 100% natural, sustainable, ethical - and extremely warm. We can’t wait to see you wearing them!”

- Kate Macdonald

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The team at Davaar & Co