Garment Care

– Wool has natural self-cleaning properties and will keep its shape and quality for years to come with the correct care. We recommend airing after use to avoid unnecessary washing. 
– Hand wash separately in cool water.
– Use a wool approved detergent. A non-bio, environmentally safe wool or delicates detergent if possible.
– Take care wearing jewellery when washing. 
– Dry flat and out of direct sunlight, never hang a jersey whilst wet as it will lose it's shape. 
– Never tumble dry. However, they are dry cleanable. 
– It is normal for your jersey to pill with wear, this is naturally what wool does. Hand washing when necessary will help maintain the shape and quality of the knit and will encourage any surface pilling to drop away. Alternatively, a Sweater Stone is perfect  to brush over the jersey to remove pilling. You can purchase them here. 
– Just like our hair, wool is a natural fibre and to protect its softness and lustre a gentle hand wash is recommended. 

Refer to the care label attached on the inside of the jersey for more information.